Enterprise Version of VQ Mileage Tracker - One of the Most Downloaded Business Apps on BlackBerry App World - is Now Available

VQ Mileage Tracker adds key Enterprise-friendly features to streamline Enterprise-level deployment
TORONTO - VQ Mileage Tracker™ (www.4tracker.com), one of the most downloaded business apps on BlackBerry App World™, is now available in an enhanced Enterprise version that offers companies centralized billing, one-step activation, priority tech support and other great Enterprise-oriented features.  VQ Mileage Tracker is the only mileage tracking app that AUTOMATICALLY tracks your mileage every time you drive your car.
“We’ve received a large number of inquiries from companies of various sizes looking for ways to easily deploy VQ Mileage Tracker to their Field Service and Sales teams”, says Harris Korn, president of Xpressions Inc., creators of VQ Mileage Tracker (www.4tracker.com) and VQ CarFinder (www.4carfinder.com). “To address this market demand we’ve added a number of Enterprise-oriented features to VQ Mileage Tracker to meet the needs of small, medium and large-scale businesses. Our beta tests with a number of companies have proven successful and we are now actively rolling out our Enterprise-friendly version of the app.”

Key new features added include: one-step activation (employees simply download the Enterprise version then click OK to activate); centralized billing and tracking, enabling IT departments to manage costs and track which staff members have downloaded the app; priority tech support; no-charge version upgrades; and no-charge for issuance of new licenses to staff that change to another BlackBerry® smartphone.
“These new features enable IT Departments to easily deploy VQ Mileage Tracker to their staff, streamline billing, manage costs, and ensure premium support for their employees,” adds Korn. “VQ Mileage Tracker saves business people time and spares them the frustration and inefficiency of manually tracking their mileage. It’s great for anyone who has to be on the road for work.”
The Enterprise version of VQ Mileage Tracker also has all the features that have made VQ Mileage Tracker a top choice for BlackBerry smartphone users, including automatically tracking every trip, capturing the user’s start and end address for every trip, automatic emailing Mileage Reports (every week, month or quarter), Microsoft Outlook™ Calendar integration, tracking to the nearest tenth of mile/km, and many other great features.
“Most existing mileage tracking apps are what we call ‘digital pencils’, in that they require you to manually key in everything,” says Korn. “VQ Mileage Tracker does all of this for the user and more, making it easier for Sales and Field Service staff to accurately track and report their business mileage. It automatically notes the date and time, how far you drove, and the address you drove to every time you drive your car and now, it can automatically email you all this information when you’re ready to submit an expense report.”
VQ Mileage Tracker is currently promotionally priced on BlackBerry App World, the VQ Mileage Tracker site and other online sources. VQ Mileage Tracker works on all current BlackBerry smartphone models that have built-in GPS and run BlackBerry OS version 4.7 or higher.
For more information go to www.4tracker.com or contact Xpressions Inc. at enterprise@xpinc.com
About Xpressions Inc:
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