BB Boss OS Shinker Ver 2.2

Features include:

-Shrinking of OS installed on hard drive based on user selected information
-Direct shrinking of OS already installed on device. This eliminates the need to wipe and reload an OS onto your device
-Install a hybrid feature that allows installation of hybrid CODs directly to a device without having to reload an OS from scratch
-Phone File System functions including installing, deleting, and backing up of COD files on a device. Also includes an atomatic 3rd party backup feature for your 3rd party apps
-Other phone functions including Screenshots, Event Log veiwing, clearing, exporting, Phone Wipe, and Restoration to factory settings.
-JAD/ALX file creation. Drag-and-drop files to quickly and easily create OTA-ready JAD files and Loader compatible ALX files

****This was designed to be an All-In-One tool for your Blackberry. The only requirement is the installation of Desktop Manager, which installs the USB drivers required****

Click to download latest OS

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